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In the 23rd century humanity is at war with the creators of being. In search of immortality for their kind they endanger the balance of the seven strings, the foundation of all existence. The creators can not resist the attacks of the mankind and use their last chance to protect the vibration of the seven strings: The earthling Serin. Her blood possesses the power to oppose the megalomania of the people and to prevent the destruction of the parallels.

The parallels form an infinite web of multiverses in which every conceivable possibility of space-time structure exists. Their dimensions are shaped by the vibrations of the seven strings. If the vibrations of the seven strings stops, the parallels are no longer perceptible and fade into the non-being.

The human species is a life form destined to transience. But their parasitic egoism „to survive“ drives the race to expansion. After they exhausted all resources of their planet, they use the seven strings to nourish themselves from the surrounding parallels. Nevertheless, the survival of their generations is not enough. They want to control the infinity of being, the seven strings, and risk their own existence.

The weavers, the creators and inhabitants of the seven strings, can not oppose the attacks of the people. War does not correspond to its harmonious nature. They are forced to watch the destruction of their woven parallels by human hands. They only have one card left in this game: Serin.

picture by elena

In seven shortfilms we will reveal the journey of Serin to the origin of being. Each episode is told from the perspective of a unique character, crossing the path of our hero. The stories form a futuristic conception of our universes. Far beyond our imagination.

On this website you will be able to experience the creation of the world of the seven strings. You will find insights about the production and witness the construction of the main characters influencing our future world.