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In the 23rd century humanity is at war with the creators of being. In search for immortality for their kind, they endanger the vibration of the parallels and the existence of all universes.

The human species is a form of life that is destined to transience. But the parasitic egoism of „surviving“ drives the race to expansion. After all resources on earth are exhausted, they use the parallels to nourish themselves from the surrounding universes.

But the safety of their generations is not enough for them. They want to take control of the infinite and make the source of all existence their own. To achieve this goal, they only have one choice, to conquest the origin of the parallels: the seven strings.

Vlad Domin drives people into war. He was one of the first to get in touch with the parallels, losing his daughter in the depths of the seven strings. Through his research on the inhabitants of the seven strings, the weavers, and the transfer between parallels, he expanded his power until he was crowned as the sovereign.

With his warfare, he fights for the survival of the human race and hopes to find his daughter. The attacks on the weavers and their habitat lead to an imbalance of the parallels. If the strings stop swinging the infinity will become finite, perception will be limited and any existence will fade.

The weavers are not prepared for the human attacks. War does not correspond to their harmonious nature. To safe infinity, they call Serin to them. She is the only one who can approach the mighty Vlad. With her blood and the power of the seven strings she can stop the war. She must succeed in killing her father, Vlad Domin.

picture by elena

In seven shortfilms we will reveal the journey of Serin to the origin of being. Each episode is told from the perspective of a unique character, crossing the path of our hero. The stories form a futuristic conception of our universes. Far beyond our imagination.

On this website you will be able to experience the creation of the world of the seven strings. You will find insights about the production and witness the construction of the main characters influencing our future world.